Animal abuse is not just physical. Abandonment is a silent form of curelty that too often ends in death. We see it all the time; a new baby comes along, the animal gets dumped. Allergies develop suddenly, the animal gets dumped. The family is moving, the animal is left behind. The puppy got old, the kitten grew up... all empty reasons for abandoning a pet to die. These are a few of the faces, and reasons, we do what we do at Irving House where no animal is ever abandoned for any reason. 


Everybody wants a puppy; frisky and funny. Then the puppy grows up and maybe he's not so frisky or funny anymore and suddenly there's no time for him and he's shelter bound. A pet is a lifetime commitment - their lifetime - not your convenience. Please think!


A pet's loyalty knows no boundaries, sadly a person's loyalty is not always as strong. Many pets finds themselves simply abandoned, not to a shelter but just left behind to suddenly fend for themselves which usually means great suffereing before they die and many states mow consider it a crime to abandon a pet in this manner. There are options. Research!


Pets grow up, and old, just like people. They get sick, they need a pill, bills start to mount and they find themselves unwanted just like this beauty whose family turned their back.. We never turn our back.
*Sadly, her time at irving House would be short but while we did not have her as long as we would have liked, we made certain she had everything she needed - most especially an overload of love and attention.


Pets are living beings, cats scratch furniture and toss litter from the litter box and puppies, like this love-bug, don't stay small and cuddly - they get big and clumsy, especially when confined to a small apartment. And then they are disposed of with all the thought of a used tissue. Irving House is dedicated to seeing no pet is ever treated with such disregard but we need your help to keep doing it.


Shelters are overcrowded with pets surrendered for a hundred different reasons but for a senior like this handsome boy it is surely a death sentence. We work tirelessly to change that and to provide seniors a happy second chance!



Pets don't know about things like money, they just know how to love and they trust they will always be loved in return. Sadly, too many times "something else" comes up,; like vacations or cigarettes or that Starbucks coffee. But not at Irving House. At Irving House, it's all about them. Help us keep it that way!


Pets, like people, are profiled for their appearance and for "dominant" breeds like GSD's and Pit's they often wind up on death row where they are routinely put down our of fear and ignorance.  Help end the killing. Stop Breed Discrimination.



Left behind when a loving pet parent dies. Please make arrangements for your pet to ensure for his care after you are gone. Don't assume 'someonw' will take care of him.


There is no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner. Too many times a pet is adopted for his looks without any thought to his needs or personality and when the pet doesn't turn out to be what the owner wanted it ends up in a cage so the owner need not bother with it. There are no cages at Irving House and every pet, every breed, is cared for according to his natural needs, not forced expectations. 


So, c'mon, you gonna lace 'em up against abandonment or what?
You've read our stories, you've checked out our pictures. You know the people at Irving House do good work. And I know you care. Please, won't you help the people here keep on going strong?