Most of you visiting this site have never vistied Animal Care and Control of New York City. You should. It will give you, far better than anything I can write here, an understaninding for why I am desperate to gain your support.


There is little, if any, 'care' at Animal Care and Control. They are retained by the city to take in every stray they canround up off the street, every old, sick animal being dumped by its family and every animal seized for lega reasons. That is their job. That is how they make their money. They have a beautiful website which prompts people to donate millions of dollars and which belies the absolute horror of their halls.  


I cannot describe the stench of ruine and dirt that no amount of amonia can conceal. There are no beds in the steel cages piled high. There is the echo of constant barking or crying and if you can stomach getting close enough to the cattery you  might hear the pitiful crying of cats although most are too scared to move from the very rear corner of their cage.


Every animal is evaluated on in-take and if they appear fearful or tense or nervous during the exam they are labeled 'aggressive' and moved quickly to the TBD list - that means 'to be destroyed' - killed. These are the animals rescues work hardest to get out.


If the animal is sick, basic care may or may not be given, follow-up care is almost never given and rescues race agains time to get these animals out.


Are you wondering what happens to all the millions in city funding, grants and public donations goes?? Yes, rescues are wondering, too.


I'd like you to see a few, just a very few of the faces lucky enough to have made it out alive - off death row and to Irving House.Take a good look at their before and after pictures, and then i invite you to take a stroll through NYC ACC and then tell me there is nothing you can do to help. 


LANDRY-A1059242-150x150.jpg After.jpg


Ophelias.jpg Ophie.jpg