Sometimes rescue is for the birds - truly!

This is Harmony. (He's a little shy so we'll have to make the introductions for him). He is a very handsome, young King Pigeon (cousin to the Dove) found abandoned to the streets, severely dehydrated and too exhausted to fly and in imminent danger of becoming lunch.

Naturally, we took him in and welcomed him immediately. It was love at first sight!

King's are unlike their distant street cousins and cannot live in the wild. They need (actually seek) human companionship and care - neither of which he received very much of before and both of which he will have in overflowing abundance now.

He is a wonderful and cuddly soft and happy addition to our family who likes to have his feathers caressed, and who likes "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" sung at bedtime and we could not be more proud to welcome our feathered little fellow to his new home here at Irving House!