A wise man - my grandpa - once said "choose your words carefully for all who might be listening." 

I hope I have heeded the advice well.
For as much as I prefer being the force "behind the scenes" of Irving House, there are times I must speak.

Writers In The Sky- July 2013 -

Preview to the interview (which will be posted shortly)
were two feature pieces graciously allowing me to speak
about my books, my work and Irving House.. 
Check out the rockin' good time with host, Dana Micheli!

When it rains, it pours - more to say!

Following up on the WITS feature, I was a panel guest on Aspects of Writing with host James Kelly
(KLAV 1230 AM Radio Las Vegas).

It was a real thrill to be featured among esteemed writers for a roundtable discussion on various aspects of writing today.
The show streams live posted to you tube right here: