Meet Merlin and Trixie, the cotton-tail's, two of the hunniest bunnies around!
Bunnies are so cute and so soft and so cuddly and fluffy1 Yes, and they are also work - A LOT of work and when people realize just how much work the cute, soft,cuddly, fluffy bunny gets dumped at the nearest shelter or worse, the nearest highway. That's what happened to Merlin who was about to become hawk food were it not for one of our volunteer's in the right place at the right time, and Trixie was a grade school class pet who at the end of school found herself homeless.
Meet Merlin who is true to his name and despite his senior years is full of magic and mirth filling our days with hours of entertainment! Merlin likes to help with the laundry and will "disappear" into the basket emerging disguised as an undershirt as he hops out in TA DA!! style! Merlin also likes to play "hide-n-seek", "tag", and "hop scotch" (which he learned quickly using carrots)! 

Our Miss Trixie is quite the polite little lady. She enjoys having the radio on and prefers Sinatra to Gaga. She loves having someone read to her from Dr. Seuss (a stigmatism is causing her to go blind so she cannot read but does seem able to look at the pictures) while munching a celery stalk and her ears twitch with excitement at bath and grooming time!!


Two furry bundles of love and curiosity these two love puff's were once headed for the bunny farm in the sky, (YIKES!!), but with a bit of luck and ingenuity are instead a happy addition to our Irving House family of four-paw's